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Sunday, January 03, 2010

maybe i was wrong about it.


just maybe...

10:20 PM
Friday, January 01, 2010

i didn't expect the year to end in this way. but what i can do? at least i spent today differently from any past years, so i so be happy.

i finally realised that dreams will always be dreams and it will never be reality.

"i can lie to the whole world, but i cannot lie to myself."
i didn't realise that i will also have to use this phrase on myself.

what a year this was.

9:49 PM
Sunday, November 22, 2009

by the command of wsn, i shall post something here.

seriously been too lazy to blog.

so all i have to say is that...

and i'm loving this happy feeling!

11:25 PM
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yesterday's combine concert was alright.

didn't really do much the whole time, was just sitting around slacking, and waiting for our turn which is the last.

i wasn't really very nervous even though there are a lot of people. i was much more nervous during syf when there's much less audience. what's wrong with me?

played the 3 pieces that we almost played for syf including our syf choice piece. teachers said we ended the concert well. that's good. at least the blue wolf isn't really that tiring as compared to celebrations other that the running notes. all running notes are killer.

presented a big card to mr ho and took band photo. waited for the bus and reached school at 11pm. dad drove me home in 25 minutes. cool.

just a little disappointed

11:07 AM

clarinets at syf 2009!

11:03 AM
Saturday, May 16, 2009

today's college day!

played the march in, college anthem and the march out. sat there for 2 hours. the principal's speech is totally boring. at least the guest-of-honour's speech is nicer to listen and he's a former band member. so cool. the prize presentation was totally boring to the max. the performance was at least better.

lunch-ed with rini jieling hilary shannon at curry wok. it's some place near coronation plaza. the prize isn't really very cheap, but eating like that occasionally is alright. rush back for combines, clarinets and flutes were late. than had sectionals till 3pm and i left for piano lesson.

after spending days asking people to do surveys, finally do finish part of what i'm required to do for gpp. there's still the wr part which is more troublesome. at least now i have the template, so it's easier to do.

the next 2 weeks will not be as tiring. but there's still common tests coming up after the june holidays. that means that my june holidays will be spent studying. not the way i want to spend it, but i have no choice.

this is jc life.

9:35 PM
Wednesday, May 06, 2009

after months of practise, it's finally syf day!

it rained heavily in the morning, so just nice can ask my dad to send me to school. tired.

bus-ed there and waited for 30minutes before getting into the tuning room. totally different from the tuning room at SCH. than waited at the back stage for a while. before entering. was a bit nervous. but just try not to think about it. since i'm sitting at the corner but not so outisde, so feel safer and not so scared.

while playing celebrations, my heart was beating so hard i could almost hear it. but when it's all over, i was so relieved. listened to ij, jj and cj, before leaving. stayed behind to collect tickets to watch the 2nd half of the syf. ate lunch and queued. but after 30minutes of queueing, could only get 5tickets.

they allow j1 to go in and some j2. so got to go in and watch tj, acj, rj and pj before waiting for the results.

got a gold!

we were happy.

but i think cj is happier than us, cause they got gwh. they were screaming like mad when they know the results. until the announcer have to ask them to calm down many times. there were some disappointment but we were definitely not disappointed.

the band video shown yesterday was very nice and encouraging.

will try to post pictures soon.


7:30 PM
Sunday, May 03, 2009

labour day was spent catching up on homework. did chemical bonding until i was so bored about it. drawing dot-cross diagrams of compounds is driving me crazy.

did maths after that.

found out that i have lots of mistakes in the mock lecture test. i'll be doomed on monday.

there's still gp clinic after maths lecture. i want my half day. or at least 4hours before band starts. now i only have 3hours left. but minus-ing travelling time to and from school. i think i'm only left with 1hour.

tutoring on sat was good. but it's very warm. the band room couldn't be used. so had to practiced outside. practiced near the fountain. than changed to canteen as it was cooler. our tutor has knee injury but he still come. he's very nice. learnt quite a lot from him.

but staying in school till 6pm on sat is totally not what i used to do.

jc has totally changed my school life. a lot.

syf on wed. i have to admit, i'm a little scared.

5:03 PM
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it's been weeks since i blogged. didn't really feel lik blogging.

there's really nothing much.

school has dominated my life. or should i say, band has dominated my life.

getting a half day on monday. this time it's in the afternoon. but there's still band. syf rehearsal at rp. syf on wed. crap. but i should be happy that it's on a day when i only have econs and chinese. so i won't have to miss much lessons.

lessons are getting more difficult. more tutorials to do. so little time to do. pw is crap but we are making some progress.

i must learn to love gp and econs.

7:23 PM
Sunday, April 19, 2009

had clique dinner at amk hub kopitiam.

reached early and booked table for them. they made me wait for 30minutes. end up, there's 2 extra people. not that i mind them but should have inform earlier.

i talked crap with elias, asking him some really random questions when i already know the answer. laughed a bit. but somehow, not really very happy either.

cam-whored after that for 30minutes. oh crap. was really tired, but somehow, managed to smile.

10:15 PM
Thursday, April 16, 2009

class photo taken after council election day.
it was a day of total slacking. listen to council elects make speeches and everything.

7:09 PM
Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

Class Outing to Mr Low's house!

met at AMK hub to buy snacks and cake. so fun. bus-ed to his house. we take up the whole of the back of the bus with our big 'thank you' board blocking the way to the back of the bus. his house is big. have been seeing lots of big houses since i came to nj.

played Wii. it my first time seeing it and playing with it. so fun and so tiring too. have to shake and shake. we make hell lots of noise. ate lots of chips. someone found out that today's mr low's birthday from his personalised calendar. so sort of gave him a surprise by asking him to take us for a tour around his house, while some stayed to light the candles.

he was figuring how to cake the small cake for 20 people. he made use of GP to cut the cake. the cake looks very weird after the cutting. but it's still nice.

2 of his ex-students came,who are in j2 now.

they got sick of playing Wii and went to watch '10 things i hate about you'. didn't watch cause it's too noisy to hear the words clearly, and i'm don't really like to watch this kind of shows.

had canadian pizza for lunch.

it was during lunch that a forfeit was made for our game. yk was holding a packet of cheese. cy was holding a cup and wanted yk to help him pour a drink. yk sorta didn't know and pour the cheese into the cup. than they started adding coke and chilli powder into the cup. super gross. played black jack and loser was made to drink. drank about 3times. gross, with all the cheese taste, but after about half the cup is drank, it doesn't taste that bad, just a weird-tasting coke. i was supposed to drink finish the gross thing at one point with all the cheese sediments, but they changed the rule, so didn't and yk was made to drink it. it was totally gross.

it was raining, so couldn't go home. stayed to played Wii again. this time playing some sports games that was supposedly able to make you fit. then there's one focus game which you have to sit like meditating and wait for the candle to burn finish. so everyone tried. it was super funny, wtih everyone trying to disturb the person. i managed to sit through the whole 3minutes. cool.

played the rabbid game again. super tiring. the slack game is not even slack. got to play the para-para thing with the control. cool.

finally went home at 4.45pm when the rain stop. bus-ed to amk and i bus-ed home.

it was totally a very GOOD FRIDAY!!!

the most enjoyable day together with OG outing since the start of jc life.

but there's still the pile of homework waiting to be completed. this is the year that i have been getting scolded for not doing homework. it never happen in sec4.

finally finished PI draft2, after 2nights of thinking. and i exceeded the word limit.

this is just the beginning...

9:01 PM
Sunday, April 05, 2009

dad sent me to school and it only takes 30minutes! cool.

spent break with jiawen. yay! bio prac is getting more out of hand for me. i can't seem to do everything correctly. always can't finish the worksheet. i'll die during bio spa. forgotten to bring maths lecture notes. lucky teacher uses the notes to teach and show it on the visualiser. so didn't have to share. have been forgetting to bring things.

pw was nice. we started discussing on our project.

band was sectionals in the bandroom for once. spent the last 45mins clearing up the bandroom. was told a good and bad news. good news: don't have to play for morning assembly for the next 2weeks. that means i can wake up later. bad news: will be going to nie for practices and practices will end later.

mum sent me to school as i woke up late. so cool.

did titration for chem prac.

failed econs essay. it's exactly the same mark i got when i first wrote ss essay in sec3. wow.

got stuck in the dilemma. to go for band or bio olympiad training. went for bio olympiad training and than went for band 2hours late. was feeling very bad. band ended at 7pm, but had to stay back to clear up the band room and shift everything to the centre.

got to wake up a little later. had to carry instrument everywhere. got to stand with the class during morning assembly for the first time this year but i didn't know how to sing the school song. it feels so weird.

it's april fools' day. the school started the day by tricking us. 'there's zero announcements today, just joking. there's actually 21 announcements' i got freaked out. but actually, there's only 12. what a way to start the day.

spent pe doing chem prac. that's the good thing of not having to do pe. got more time to finish up work. had another 2hours in the library doing gp. chinese was crap. thought we could waste teacher's time so we didn't have to write compo, but there's still 1hour. so we were made to write. managed to write 2paragraphs.

went for cip after that. bus-ed there with the class. the feeling is so different. it feels like a class outing of a different kind. reached beyond social services at whampoa drive. the place is in not a good state. no wonder they need volunteer to clean up the place and that's us. helped to clean the window. i didn't know why i actually want to do it, but the splashing of water outside is fun. left at 4pm.

took the bus from the wrong side. ended up at douby ghaut. sort of realised it was wrong, but when jiamei and liyu board the bus, i thought it was correct and didn't bother anymore. it was only 20minutes later that i feel something is wrong and we are no where near our destination. but jiamei kept assuring that we were in the correct bus. but i persisted and kept asking, finally realised that we are at douby ghaut. lucky we asked the driver in time, or we would have ended up at redhill.

didn't know why i decided to take 174 from douby ghaut to boonlay when the journey will be very long and mrt would be faster. so alighted at somerset. walked to the mrt and train-ed to boonlay. it was raining heavily at ntu. so got drenched and reached there 30minutes late i guess.

band ended at 9pm. reached home at 10pm.

what an eventful day.

got to wake up 1hour later. reached school at 8am, so tried to finish the chinese compo at the canteen. it just feels so good.

had chem test. couldn't finish the paper. crap.

spent 2hours of break in the library, with 1hour of it writing chinese compo and did a little of bio tutorial.

forgotten to bring maths notes again.

went for bio olympiad training, which was quite fun actually. made a detour to buy medicine. so reached home quite late.

gp for the first period isn't something i look forward to. that 1.5hours is just so difficult to pass. but the break after that is what i'm looking forward to. cause there's jiawen's company, and this time in my bio classrm and not her chem class which is next door.

bio lecture was good. it's the first time any teacher actually finished lecturing and still have time to spare. but chem lecture was rushing through. i'm on the verge of sleeping.

slept during chinese lecture, periodically being woken up by jiawen. super tired. ate lunch during pe and home i go. there's no pw lecture today. the earliest day i'm home this week.

met the section at boonlay and bus-ed to nie for band. sectionals was spent with lynna at that stuffy no air-con room again. was released at 3.30pm. slept on the train back home. tired.

was made to wake up at 7am to go shopping. crazy.
this is some weird family outing to plaza singapura carrefour. to buy offer items.

bought what we were asked to buy and went for piano lesson.

nearly finished inequalitis tutorial, leaving just the assignment questions not done. it also one of the chapter that i know how to do most of the questions. and the GC is cool. great accomplishment.

finally know how to plot a modulus graph. was still figuring it out yesterday night.

7:40 PM
Sunday, March 29, 2009

i love fridays.

cause jiawen is having classes next to mine, so i have company during my break too.
i'm also excited about chem and bio lecture. i don't know why.

pw was tutorial instead of lecture today. discussed more ideas. i finally have an idea on what to write for PI.

have to bring instrument home. heavy but compared to others, it's considered not so.

saturday was band at NIE band room. met the section at boonlay and bus-ed there. we were the first to arrive and had to sit outside and feed the mosquitoes. had lunch at 11.30am. went to eat at a less expensive restuarant at the opposite building. it was quite cheap for western food, but i'm not full after eating it. sectionals in a room that has no aircon. everyone is complaining of the heat, but outside is even warmer, so we just stayed inside. it's also stuffy. combined again.

was only released at 4pm. rushed out of the room with mel and rini. we ran and managed to catch the bus. cancelled my piano lesson. train-ed home with mel. slept on the train, but managed to wake up just on time. wow.

signed up for singtel student plan but don't think i will get to use any of the phone. it doesn't really matters, after so long without a phone, i'm used to it already. being uncontactable, missing out on important information, not able to contact someone.

on the way to piano lesson today, my sis kept telling me to seek help for my gp. i definitely will. don't want to get a U next year.

finished some homework. there's more to go.

band practices are increasing. this is terrible.

i shall look forward to class outing on 10april and clique outing on 19april. (:

5:35 PM
Thursday, March 26, 2009

today was some freaking half day that we have.
it's so totally not a half day at all. firstly, it's in the morning. other than being able to wake up a bit later, everything else is the same.

had to reach at 9am for sectionals but i somehow managed to reach at 8.45am even though i wake up late. practiced till 10am, than went for chem lesson till 11am.

the whole day is just like my timetable, without the maths lecture and the morning assembly.

i slept for 45mins during my 3hours break before maths tutorial.
got back first maths assignment. C+.

it's the 3rd subject that i have done badly, together with econs test and gp test which i both failed.

went back phs, intending to collect my testimonial but couldn't after some lame excuses they give. can't they just get ready it and wait for us to collect it?

so listened to the band for a while before i leave.

i'm still surviving. i hope so.

8:54 PM
Sunday, March 22, 2009

last day of holidays. it wasn't really a holiday.

got to wake up late for once yesterday, at 9.30am. the only saturday so far that i don't have band.

slacked quite a lot. but also managed to finish some homework. actually only gp compre and chem tutorial. studied bio. can't seem to remember anything other than the carbonydrates parts. the cells part is totally very difficult to understand because of the way the notes are arranged.

how i long for a textbook.

finished chinese compre except for the summary part which i don't know how to do. don't feel like studying.

there's still econs essay. makes me remember about ss essay, which i so totally hate, except for some chapters.

pw officially starts tomorrow.
that's the beginning of my 4pm days everyday, not including band practices.

this is jc life.

2:30 PM
Friday, March 20, 2009

it's almost the end of the holidays. this is jc life.

had band on mon. band camp from wed to fri, with only thu to fri staying over.

studied on tues. finished some homework, but there's still more to go. packed my notes into files. the bio notes are so thick that it cannot be hole-punched.

had band practice for the whole day till 4pm with 1hour lunch break in between. played celebrations. it can really that my breath away, literally. got into our groups for music quiz. quite fun. had some leadership talk, than it's home sweet home.

packed stuff for overnight stay.

had to reach at 8.30am. had band prac in the morning. played celebrations again. had lunch at 2pm. today's lunch was better than yesterday's.

station games was fun and gross for some. our first station almost make us all puke out our lunch. we had to make a dish out of bread, flour, water, gummy bears, polo sweet, marshmallow, cucumber, tomato. they tricked us that it's for the other team, when we are supposed to eat what we made. we realised it half way but it's too late. the 7-legged race was nice but very confusing.

we had to do forfeit as we got the lowest points, by passing an underwear with a fork in our mouth. it's so gross. but we made the other group do it with only their mouth.

watched 'the choir'. it's in either french or german. a nice movie. dinner was pizza. nice.

exco games was cool. it's like a night hunt, but we have to solve a murder with the clues which was super confusing. after 2 station, our group only left with 5people. 2 went home, 2 was too scared to join. some station was a bit scary, but i generally wasn't that frightened. while walking to stations, i on all the lights on the way to ease our fear. spent 1hour plus piecing up the story and listening to all the different stories. cool.

washed up and tried to sleep at around 12.30 to 1am. slept on tables with our sleeping bags. my butt became numb and it's cold and it's super uncomfortable. everytime when i wake up and want to fall asleep, i will get this uneasy feeling.

woke up feeling very tired. washed up, cleared our room. help out with breakfast as i don't need to do PT. it's nice.

had sectionals. was super tired. tried playing with my eyes close for sometimes. combines was terrible. i haven't learnt how to play overture no.2 yet. i always end up playing the 2nd part instead of the 3rd part unknowingly. zzz. almost fell asleep a few times. played celebrations, till i got so tired of the fast part, that i anyhow play the runny notes. my lips bleed, a little. i don't know how. just suddenly found a little blood on my reed. so weird.

got an apple as our prize for coming in last.

slept on the bus home.

i don't feel like studying after the band camp. but there's still so much homework, and i'm tired.

with syf only about 5weeks away, practices are getting more intensed. i don't like the sound of it.

5:04 PM
Sunday, March 15, 2009

had 4endurance outing. i only went for the class dinner though.

it was super last minute, but fortunately, i can go. rushed somehow work, before meeting jessL at bishan mrt, than off to bugis. while waiting for the others to arrive, talked a lot of school stuff. recaped some topics. trying very hard to remember all the biology stuff. we talked for about 30minutes later than realised that they are still at yishun. wasn't really pissed. just continued talking for another 30minutes before they finally arrived.

there was only about 15 of us, mostly guys. it's good to be around with familiar faces!

jaywalked across a street to the steamboat shop. it's the first time i'm eating steamboat outside. it's totally different. ate, talked a little. was mostly eating. around 8pm, half of the people left. the rest of us started telling lame jokes, totally lame. i ate papaya till i was bloated. finally left at 9pm. mrt-ed home, sleeping on the way. managed to wake up in time to get down.

i miss 4ENDURANCE a lot!!!

10:07 PM
Saturday, March 14, 2009

band today.

wasn't feeling really well at the beginning, so didn't play much but i went to the toilet and hide for a while.

i got transfered to 3rd clarinet cause there's a shortage of people. i don't actually mind cause the scores are easier.

the 3rd clarinet celebration score is so nice. so many rests. but i don't like the overture no.2. the fingering isn't nice, and i have to relearn a lot of it, unlike celebrations, which is about the same as 2nd, just lesser notes.

changed instrument. it's easier to play. yay!

the band camp is funded by the school. how nice.

7:27 PM

term1 just ended.

the holiday has started, but there's so much to do and so many activities. band on mon, wed-fri.
econs essay, gp compre, chinese compo and compre, chem tutorial, maths tutorial, bio tutorial.
need to study for chinese and chem test.

i still need to pack my file to prevent it from exploding.

so many things to do, so little time.

i'm 5% dead already.

6:56 PM
Thursday, March 12, 2009

took mrt to school in the morning, cause i saw bernice crossing the road while i'm on the bus. managed to catch up to her at the mrt. not used to taking mrt that's so crowded. waited very long for the bus. so i'm not taking mrt to school anymore.

spent my 3hour break in the library with jiawen. collect a lot of notes from her.

chinese was boring.

went back phs to see my juniors. then found out that the o level cert is ready for collection, so collect it as well. i got back my 10bucks.

i didn't plan to go back, but somehow feel like going back while i'm on the bus and nearing amk. took reeds and polishing cloth.

7:07 PM